Women training

Training in Bujinkan, as described in page Student, emphasizes heavily on creativity, technique combinations as well as turning the opponent's strength against themselves. The way which female mind operates allows for spiritual development, in such degree that accounts for, or even surpasses, the respective lack in physical strength comparing to the male genre.

Training in Bujinkan Dojo Thessaloniki for women is held mixed with both genres aiming at familiarising technique applications on any opponent. The Dojo students pay much respect towards the female genre. But physical improvement and development for women is not something that is taken lightly. Besides, in modern times women satisfy equally male roles at least on a professional basis (security forces etc).

Historically, Ninjutsu female practitioners have been called kunoichis. The written form of the word is derived from the word onna meaning woman in japanese, but it can also be derived from 'nine for one' or 'nine plus one' in regard with the women talents against men's.

Besides Bujinkan, women are certainly welcome in Kyokushin Karate too. There the development of physical strength is a must.