Pictures / videos

  • Group of students and instructors of Bujinkan Dojo Thessaloniki after an evening course
July 2012

Summer camp Kyokushin and Ninjutsu at Fourka, Halkidiki in July 2012.

  • Students and instructors of Bujinkan Dojo Thessaloniki
January 2012

Seminar on Budo Taijutsu at Kuroyama Dojo, Kalamaria in January 2012 under Sensei Athanasios Kapnas.

  • Sensei Athanasios Kapnas as chief instructor and examiner with instructor George Karakostas and the students under examination
December 2011

Examinations for kyu grading in December 2011 at Kuroyama Dojo.

  • Instructor George Karakostas with the students of the presentation
October 2011

Presentation of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu during an event of martial arts presentation organised by the Hellenic Self-Defence Federation (EOA) and the International Self-Defence Organisation (ISDO) at hotel Porto Palace in October 2011.

  • Warm-up
July 2008

Examinations for 2nd Kyu-1st Dan in July 2008 at Kordelio.

June 2004

Examinations for Kyu grading in June 2004 at Kordelio.

April 2004

Panhellenic nationwide tournament of Kyokushin Karate at Volos in April 2004. Sensei Athanasios Kapnas is being awarded for his contribution in Greek Kyokushin.